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Moneywise-Financial literacy:

“Moneywise” is a workshop to help students understand the importance of Personal Finance. By attending the workshop young students will learn about Financial Literacy, an important Life Skill. “Moneywise” will help youngsters comprehend that money management ability will decide the quality of their future LIFE. They will certainly be able to avoid financial problems for a life time. “Moneywise” aims to initiate their interest in financial literacy. A new survey by Standard & Poor found that 76% of Indian adults do not understand basic, key financial concepts, which means less than a quarter of Indian adults is financially literate.It is unfortunate that such a large number of Indians are alleged to be ill-equipped to manage their money properly

In order to improve the situation in future we Indians need to take conscious measures towards including Financial Literacy programs at schools, colleges and work places.If we want India to be a financially literate nation, we can do it only by teaching tomorrow’s adults, who are at school now and open to learn everything they are taught
As responsible adults we need to put in our bit of efforts to create a better tomorrow. A rich and prosperous nation with better health and safety framework is possible only through the creation of a financially literate generation. Lack of knowledge is the greatest enemy and knowledge is the greatest friend for the progress of an individual in life and a nation at large.

Let us take the first step forward by encouraging our children to become financially literate.

  1. Where : "MONEYWISE" Workshop will be conducted at your school premises on a convenient date as decided by the school management.
  2. Eligibility : The workshop is for students from 6th grade to 12th grade
  3. Batch size : Minimum 20 and maximum 50 per batch
  4. Requirements: A comfortable room (AV facility is optional) as the workshop involve a lot of activities and skits, which involves physical participation of the students and parents
  5. Hand book : A handbook which covers all the important topics related to Financial Literacy “Moneywise" will be given to the students.
  6. Examination: An Inter school examination will be conducted twice a year. There will be attractive prizes and recognition for achievers.
  7. Learning Outcome: “Moneywise” workshop will help students understand the importance of Personal finance they will learn about Financial Literacy, an important Life Skill. Participants will comprehend that money management ability will decide the quality of their future life. They will certainly be able to avoid financial problems for a life time. Financially literate STUDENTS will help parents to achieve better goals in terms of saving and spending decisions as children play a major role in choices made at home. Financially literate students will respect and value resources and will be thankful for all materials provided at school or elsewhere.
  8. Certificate: A participation certificate will be awarded in appreciation of the efforts put in by the students.

Topics covered:
  • What is financial literacy?
  • Personal finance
  • Practical steps to make a financial plan
  • Budgeting
  • Banks and banking
  • Credit cards
  • Online money transfer facilities
  • All about bank loans
  • Good debt and bad debt
  • Introduction to insurance
  • Time value of money
  • Financial planning to go abroad
  • Investment planning
  • Tax planning


Surekha Sridhar K Director, ADEPT SKILLS is a passionate about education, training and development. She believes that “Financial Literacy” is the greatest gift one can give to the younger generation. Surekha is Learning Solutions Strategist who has worked on multiple projects to facilitate training and development needs of various organizations. She has closely worked with State Councils for Higher Education towards employability initiatives of undergraduates. Surekha has developed many learning programs for youngsters on Soft Skills, Personality Development and Career Guidance using Blended Learning Methodologies.

"Moneywise" is an attempt by Surekha to impart the critically important skill "Financial Literacy” to the younger generation and aspire for a cognizant, prosperous, resourceful and Financial Literate Nation.

Surekha Sridhar K