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Adept in association with IMPETUS is offering support to Nursing aspirants to excel in their academics and do well at competitive examinations to secure Government Jobs.

Impetus offers courses for Nurses to excel in their BSC Nursing and to do well in government competitive examinations. Adept aspires to support Nurses in their education and career prospects. IMPETUS Healthcare Skills Private Limited (IHS) is an education, training and research organization that focuses on strengthening the healthcare delivery system by emphasizing the importance of skilled Human Resource for Health (HRH).

It is an E-learning platform which provides best learning environment for professional nurses and nursing students to enhance their theoretical and skill-based knowledge to adopt best clinical practices. It is self-directed, allowing learners to choose content and tools appropriate to their differing interests, needs, and skill levels. IHS offers E-learning exclusively for: Nursing Students, Continuing Nursing Education and Nurses preparing for Competitive Exams.

Benefits OF IHS Learning System

  • User friendly and Easy accessibility
  • Self-paced learning modules
  • Can take test in their own setting
  • High flexibility
  • Test results are accurate and instant
  • Results can be viewed and printed
  • Immediate online feedback
  • Cost Effective