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Study Abroad

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Study in Australia

Australia offers quality education with universities ranked among the top in the world with added advantage of great lifestyle and weather.  Australian institutions have long history of welcoming international students you will feel like home and safe. Australia offers great study and research satisfaction for wide range of audience from vocational students to scholarly and research fellows. Study in Australia is an opportunity for everyone to make a great career head start. There are wide range of options for various academic, language and budget levels. you may study from a vocational diploma, bachelor’s degree to masters and PhD. Students with just 10+2 second division and low IELTS of 5.5 may study vocational job-oriented diplomas like Automobile, Cookery, Graphic design etc. 10+2 pass students with first division and IELTS 6.0 may choose to study diploma, advanced diploma or bachelor’s degree. Students holding a bachelor’s degree may go for master’s coursework or research. Australian institutions accept IELTS, PTE and TOEFL scores. Even if you score point 5 to one band less than required, you may still apply for visa with academic English or ELICOS classes. Study in Australia offers you access to very high-quality practical education at a very reasonable price.

Tuition fee in Australia ranges from AUD  15000 to 30000 (INR 7 to 10 lac) for most programs, which you can pay by semester (about INR 5-7 lac), you are also allowed to work part time which can help you cover a part of it.  You can choose from wide range of institution and programs depending on your budget. So, you can choose to study in a Vocational college, TAFE college or university. Study in Australia visa process is fairly simple your academic and language test papers are first assessed by the institution and you are issued an offer letter to study in Australia. Students are generally interviewed and assessed financial by the institution, then you are issued COE for study in Australia. Under the new Simplified Student Visa Framework Australia (SSVF) visa process has become very simple for a genuine student. In most cases if you go through the institution assessment, you are issued a visa to study in Australia. We at west Highlander strive hard to provide you with complete, fair and transparent information to make your Australian dreams come true.


As an international student you have a wide range of institutions and programs to choose from;

TAFE Colleges are Australian government funded institutions offer job oriented practical courses for entry, junior and middle level skilled jobs. These institutions mainly focus on trade certificates, skill diplomas and some degrees also. They have very high job outcome and courses are reasonable priced. They work very closely with industry bodies to prepare manpower for them. If you are looking for a great job outcome without a fancy university tag, TAFE colleges are the best bet for you. Study in Australia at a TAFE college does not require too much theory study but practical workshop practice with some lectures.

Vocational Colleges  offer low cost but very high-quality education at diploma, advanced diploma bachelor and master’s degree level. These institutions offer wide range of programs in vocational training like hospitality, automotive, graphics design, community work to professional courses like IT, accounting and management. These colleges are much more internationalized than other type of institutions and welcome international students with open arms. Their fee is comparable with TAFE colleges and are much less as compared to universities. In most cases their campuses are in the heart of city in CBD. If you are looking forward to study in Australia in the heart of CBD Sydney or Melbourne, this is the best bet for you.

Universities in Australia have excellent academic & research facilities. Most of Australian Universities are at the top position among top 500 in the world. The Group of Eight (Go8) comprises Australia’s eight leading research Universities – The University of Melbourne, The Australian National University, The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, The University of Western Australia, The University of Adelaide, Monash University and UNSW Sydney. The country is well developed and one of the most sort after skills and learning destinations in the world. The best part of the country is a low crime rate which gives assurance of safest environment to international students to continue their studies. The country is known for its best and world-class education system. The college and universities offer a range of undergraduate and graduate courses in various fields.


Universities and colleges in New Zealand are known for their excellent standard of quality. International students from across the world come to study in New Zealand for higher education.  Study Abroad Consultants for New Zealand help students apply for admissions in their chosen university/ colleges and apply for their student visa to New Zealand with Immigration New Zealand.


International students can choose University, Polytechnic or private tertiary institutes to study in New Zealand depending on their choice of course and other factors like class size, Budget etc. New Zealand is a very safe country to live. It has a very low crime rate and is known as one of the best places to live in the world. It is a friendly multicultural society. One will come across students from different countries and you get to know about different cultures which is a great learning experience. The Universities of New Zealand  have strong international ranking and a qualification earned in New Zealand is globally recognized. According to QS World University Ranking all universities are ranked among the world’s best. The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s leading research university, with many subjects ranked in the top 50 worldwide (QS 2014/15 rankings).  Auckland University of Technology has 5-star QS World University Ranking for internationalization.


While on Student visa in New Zealand a student can work up to 20 hours per week if you are studying  in a course for at least 2 years or in a course for a New Zealand qualification which gives you points under the Skilled Migrant Category or for a foundation programme for at least 1 academic year at level 4 or higher on the New Zealand Qualification Framework at an education provider in Canterbury.

As an international student on study visa in New Zealand youare allowed to work full time during holidays and scheduled breaks in study if you’re studying full-time for at least 1 academic year and your course is worth more than 120 credits

You can also work full time during the Christmas and New Year holiday period, if you’re studying full-time and your course is worth 120 credits or more.

If you’re studying master’s by research or any doctoral degree you can work as many hours as you wish.


Study in New Zealand comes attractive open post study work visa option. On open Post Study Work Visa, you can find a job relevant to the course you have completed while on a valid student visa. The duration for this visa is for 12 months, and during this time you can work for any employer. There is no need of a job offer to apply for open post study work visa.

While on open post study work visa you find a job relevant to your gained qualification and apply for Post study work visa employer assisted.

After you have found a job relevant to your qualification you can apply for post study work visa employer assisted. You are eligible to work for an employer for 2 years. After this you may become eligible to apply residence visa under points based skilled migrant category. As on August 2018 Immigration New Zealand announced changes to post study work options to make it more attractive.


As per the policy a person on a student visa to New Zealand can apply for dependent spouse visa who can stay in New Zealand with the spouse. Depending on your level of course and of course your relationship period your spouse can apply for visitor visa or a work visa as a dependent of a student visa holder to New Zealand. The option to bring dependents makes study in New Zealand even more attractive.


If you are looking for quality education, safe environment, practical experience along with settlement options; study in Canada is the perfect choice for you. Study in Canada offers you access to qualitative and practical education at a competitive cost structure. Average tuition fee in Canada ranges from CAD 15000 to 20000 which you can pay by semester. Also, you can avail part-time work opportunity to cover up your day to day expense. As an international student, you can opt to study Diploma program, Advanced Diploma program, Bachelor’s degree, Graduate Diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma or master’s degree. You can choose from wide range of institutions and programs according to your suitability. Your choice of study program and institution will not cast any impact upon your application; the whole process is transparent and unbiased. So, you can choose to study in a Community College, Private College or University. Study in Canada process is fairly simple, all you need is at least second division in your last qualification along with good IELTS score.  We at West Highlander strive hard to provide you with full-fledge, fair and transparent information to make your study abroad dream come true.


For international student, there are numerous educational institutions and study programs to choose from.

Community Colleges  are Canadian Government funded institutions offering job oriented practical courses for entry, junior and middle level employment opportunities. These institutions mainly focus on Trade Certificates, Skill Diplomas and similar degrees. They have reasonably priced courses and are result oriented. They work closely with industrial bodies to address to their manpower requirements. If you are looking for a great job outcome without a fancy university tag; Community Colleges are the best bet for you. Study in Canada at a Community College does not require too much bookish knowledge rather practical skill is appreciated.

Private Colleges offer low-cost high-quality education options at Bachelor and master’s degree level. These institutions generally offer programs in Hospitality, Business, IT and Accounting as these does not require practical workshops and huge campuses. There fee structure is competitive to Community Colleges rather is at the lower end of the scale in comparison with Universities.

Universities  in Canada have excellent academic & research facilities. More than 20 Canadian Universities fall among top 500 in the world. University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, McMaster University and the University of Alberta have bagged ranking among top 100 in the world. The country is well developed and one of the most sought-after learning destinations in the world. The best part is lower crime rate which assures safe and congenial environment for international students to pursue their studies.

OTHER BENEFITS While studying in Canada, the students can work on part-time basis during the term and on full-time basis during vacations. The multicultural and multilingual community is welcoming towards new entrants. The international students can drive vehicles, provided they own an International Driving License. Depending upon the study program, students can opt for post study work visa of up to 3 years. With the implementation of Student Direct Stream (SDS), all Designated Learning Institutes (DLI) are eligible to accept overseas students, but not all of them provide for post study work visa rights. Students with Skilled occupation or Nomination from the Province can apply for Permanent Residence of Canada.


Study in Germany is one of the top choices among international students. Germany is known for its educational system and top-class universities and colleges. There are lots of options for international students for free study in Germany. International students aspiring to get student visa to study in Germany can choose between different types of higher education institutes.



These focus on science emphasizing on research mainly teaching theoretical knowledge. So, if you are looking for research-based education these may be a good option for you.

2.Universities of Applied Sciences

These focus on practice. The main focus is on the practical application of the subjects.

3.Universities of cooperative education

These universities offer dual study programs- academic studies combined with practical/vocational training


There is range of options for international students choosing to study in Germany. You need to choose right and relevant course for your study visa Germany application to be successful.

1.Bachelor’s Degree

Students who have recently completed their senior secondary education can go for bachelor’s degree which is usually for 6 semesters

2.Master’s degree

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree you can go for master’s Programs which is usually for 4 semesters. You may specialize in a particular area

3.Dual study programs

These programs have got practical orientation. In this program one combines academic studies with vocational training and company experience.


In Germany the state finances most of the higher education institutes. It means that your higher education in Germany is free in state higher education institutes. Private higher education institutes may cost you higher.


International students from European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein can work for unlimited number of hours in Germany. Only if they work more than 20 hours per week, they need to pay some insurance contribution.

If you are International students from other countries, you may work for 120 full days or 240 half days in a year. If you are on language or a foundation course you need permission for work.


Once you have completed higher education in Germany as an international student you may stay in Germany for 18 months to find a job relevant to your completed qualification. During this duration of 18 months you may do any work to support yourself. Once you get a relevant job fulfilling all the conditions you may apply for EU Blue Card.


You need to provide documentation to support your Germany Student visa application. After getting an offer of a place you need to document how your education and living cost would be financed in Germany. A blocked account in Germany is the preferred method to show you have money for your living cost in Germany. You require to deposit EURO 8800 in your blocked account in Germany.


Study in UK is one of the most preferred study destinations among international students. The UK has got one of the best education systems in the world. The universities in UK regularly rank among top institutions in the world and colleges. There are lots of options for international students to study in UK. International students aspiring to get student visa to study in UK can choose between different types of higher education institutes. There are range of Universities and colleges in UK which international students may choose depending on their study goals.


There is range of options for international students choosing to study in UK as a TIER 4 Student. You need to choose right and relevant course for your study visa UK application to be successful. There is a wide range of courses available and international students may choose according to their career pathways. International Students wanting to pursue master’s course of 13 months or less at select universities in the UK are eligible for eamlined processing.


1Confirmation of acceptance of studies – CAS letter from a licensed TIER 4 sponsor

2Funds to pay for your tuition fees and cost of living

3Appropriate English language level


You may include your spouse and any dependent children under 18 in your student visa application if you are sponsored by a Higher education Institute on a course at level 7 or above on OFQUAL REGISTER. The duration of the course must be at least 9 months.  You need to provide evidence that you have funds to support them while on Study in UK.


Tier 4 General students who are sponsored by Higher Education Institutes- HEI to study a full-time course can work during their studies

1At Degree level or above at an Higher Education Institute (HEI) 20 hours per week

2Course below degree level at HEI 10 hours per week

3TIER 4 child student above 16 years 10 hours per week

4During vacations periods international students can work full time


3The processing time for TIER 4 student visa applications is about 15 to 20 working days.